4 Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Contemporary Dance Classes

If you are relatively new to contemporary dance, you may wonder how to improve your skills and become a better dancer. Signing up for classes is a great way to improve your skills because you will likely have more motivation to practice and have the assistance of a qualified instructor to assess your movement and guide you through an appropriate progression for your current level. However, to get the most out of your contemporary dance classes, you should follow these four tips. 

Practice at Home 

Most dance classes meet once or twice a week. This is not enough time to activate your muscle memory. You should try to practice for a short period every day, and use class time as an opportunity to learn new techniques that you can later practice on your own or to improve your current techniques. 

Expose Yourself to More Talented Dancers 

Once you begin taking dance classes, you will likely learn a lot by simply watching other dancers. You will be able to recognize movements and see how other dancers use certain techniques. You can watch more talented dancers by dropping by a higher level class or by attending local dance shows. You may also want to join an improvisation class, which often mixes dancers of various skill levels, so you will have the opportunity to dance with more talented dancers. 

Take Chances During Class 

Many beginning dancers may feel awkward completing some dance moves. Similarly, some moves that require more strength or finesse, such as a barrel roll, may be scary to try at first. However, dance class provides a safe environment for you to try these moves. When your instructor thinks you are ready, you should be attempting these moves fully, even if it feels awkward. This will allow your instructor to better assess your technique and give you tips to help you improve. 

Ask Questions

In many dance classes, there is a distinct separation between the teacher and student in which the instructor gives directions and the student follows them without question. This causes some students to suffer in silence when they do not understand feedback or a certain technique. If you do not understand something your instructor is asking you to do, you should ask for further clarification. If you do not feel comfortable taking up class time to do so, consider staying after class or asking your teacher for help during a water break. 

For more tips on how to get the most out of your contemporary dance classes, talk to the instructors at the Crescendo Dance Academy.